High Priestess 12″ Voy Glass Bong

Length: 12Inches
Weight: 630g
including: theme glass bong+theme glass blow

High Priestess 12″ Voy Glass Bong

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If you’re looking for a high-quality glass bong that will look great on your desk or in your home, check out the Priestess Voy Glass Bong. A totem of wisdom and experience, the High Priestess Voy Glass Bong is everything you need to have a great time. Its elegant design will make you feel like royalty, while its 12-inch height ensures that your inhaling and exhaling won’t be interrupted.

Features from our hand-blown glass bong include the elegant black and gold details along the rounded head of a high priestess, flowing into the hand-blown glass stem. The heavy-duty construction makes it durable for long-lasting use. When not in use, it makes a wonderful conversation piece.

The Egyptian High Priestess was a powerful figure in Ancient Egyptian mythology. She was the country’s most revered and powerful woman, and her authority extended over all other goddesses. She was also responsible for selecting new pharaohs and managing the religious rituals of the country.
The High Priestess was also the head of the Temple of Amun, and her authority extended to all other temples in Egypt. She organized ceremonies and celebrations and maintained order within the temple complex. The Egyptian High Priestess also had a powerful role in religious prophecy. She could interpret omens and provide guidance to pharaohs on how to run their country properly.

Hailed by many as the Rolls Royce of glass bongs, Voy glass bongs are a premier piece that all smokers should have in their collection!

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