High Quality Ramesses II 11″ Voy Glass Bong

Length:11 Inches
Weight: 650g
including: theme glass bong+theme glass blow

High Quality Ramesses II 11″ Voy Glass Bong

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A glass bong is an art piece in itself and a hit with all who see it, but Ramesses II is a name that invokes reverence, respect, and admiration.  The Ramesses II, 11″ Voy Glass Bong by VoyLife is inspired by the ancient Egyptian king, one of the greatest pharaohs of all time. This unique piece will impress your guests and add an elegant touch to your smoking den. Its sturdy build and histoarical theme make it look like a valuable art on display.

Also, it is perfect for those who love to add a little elegance to their smoking sessions. This glass bong is hand-blown and features a sleek, streamlined design with intricate patterns inspired by ancient Egyptian art. It has a wide opening at the top for easy filling, clean smoking, and a comfortable grip.

The Ramesses II Glass Bong by VoyLife also has a high-quality clear glass stem to ensure your hits are smooth and satisfying. It’s made out of special glass, this piece will stand the test of time and look beautiful in your collection. Add a touch of class to your smoking repertoire with the Ramesses II Glass Bong by VoyLife.

Its shape and pattern are inspired by Ramesses II, making it worthy of conversation pieces when not in use. Whether you’re a history buff or appreciate beautiful glassware, the Ramesses II Glass Bong by VoyLife is sure to please.

Who was Ramesses II?
Born in the 12th century BC, Ramesses II was the last great Pharaoh of the Twentieth Dynasty and one of history’s most powerful rulers. His legacy includes several impressive achievements, including military campaigns that extended Egyptian rule into Syria and Canaan and construction projects like a complex network of temples throughout his realm.

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