High Quality Steel Man 10.5″ Glass Bong

Length: 10.5Inches
Weight: 600g
including: theme glass bong+theme glass blow

High Quality Steel Man 10.5″ Glass Bong

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If you’ve dreamed of owning one of these iconic Voy bongs, now’s your chance!

This 10.5″ tall bong is made with real hand-blown glass inspired by Egyptian history. The distinctive shape of the Voy will remind you of ancient Egypt, and its smooth curves make it a joy to hold and use. The head of the Steel Man comes carefully etched in black and gold patterns, including black horns. At Voy, quality is in the details.

Details matter regarding quality gear, and we think our glass bongs are a perfect example. It has been made with durable materials to stand the test of time and precise craftsmanship that ensures that every piece is uniform in size and shape.

At just 10.5 inches, it is compact and easily fits on most shelves when not in use. This allows you to showcase the Steel Man in all his glory. Etched designs for the head and amazing clear glass for the bong flow together to create artwork at its finest. The smooth design and sturdy construction ensure durability and strength, making it perfect for daily use.

So whether you’re looking for an authentic hand-blown piece or want something stylish and functional, grab yours today!

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